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WWCRL: Concession Stand Schedule

Posted by Richard Grenier at Apr 10, 2009 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Week of April 20th:  Yankees  (Cancel Week)

Week of April 27th:  Marlins

Week of May 4th:  Red Sox

Week of May 11th:  Dodgers

Week of May 18th:  Orioles and A's ... Yankees from April 20th???

Week of May 25th:  Orioles

Week of June 1st:  Dodgers and Yankees

Week of June 8th:  A's

Week of June 15th:  Marlins and Red Sox

Week of June 25th:  TBA - Playoffs

     On Friday, the Wizards took on the talented and senior-laden Skippers of North Kingstown.  The Skippers, who are one of the preseason favorites to win the Division I State Championship this year, overcame a 3-2 deficit in the first inning and cruised to a 19-5 victory.  

     Over the past 14 years (since 1995), the Skippers have not only won 11 or more league games in Division I/Class A play, but have compiled an incredible winning percentage of .702 (177-75).  During that same 14 year span, the Wizards, who have spent time playing in Division I/Class A (8 years) & Division II/Class B (6 years), have found success at the Division II/Class B level (2001 & 2002 State Champions and 2004 State Runner Up), but are only 31-113 over an eight year period (1995-2000 & 2007-present) in Division I/Class A.  Over a six year span in Division II/Class B, the Wizards had a winning percentage of .638 (67-38).

     After allowing two unearned runs in the top half of the first inning, the Wizards took a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the first inning.  Dillon Coffua led off with a walk and moved to second when Aaron Richards was hit by a pitch with one out.  After Skipper starter, Jay Ferri, struck out the next batter, junior Charley Parent hit an 0-1 curve ball 385 feet for a three run home run and a 3-2 Wizard lead.

     That lead, however, would be short-lived as the Skippers scored eight runs on four hits (one grand slam by Ryan Morris), two walks, and three hit batsmen in the top of the second inning.

     In the bottom of the second inning, the Wizards scored one run when Jeff Sampaio singled, moved to secon on a wild pitch and scored on Sam Williamson's r.b.i. single to centerfield.

     Offensively, the Wizards were led by Williamson (1/3, 1, Sampaio (1/2, one run scored), Aaron Richards (two runs scored), Rich Lizotte (1/3), Charley Parent (three run home run), Tim Parente (two walks), and Chris Morrison (1/3, 1 r.b.i.).






     In their league opener, Deering lost to the Cougars of Park View, 11-1. 
     Despite losing in five innings to Park View, they received solid pitching from Rich Grenier and Kyle Beck.  Grenier, who walked only two of the twenty batters he faced, struck out one and allowed six hits in three innings of work.  Kyle Beck, allowed only walked one of the ten batters he faced.
     Offensively, the Wizards received contributions from Andrew Hebert (one single), Troy Lavoie (one single), Ryan O'Kelly (one run scored and two walks), Matt Masse (one triple and one r.b.i.), and Drew Doran (two singles). 

     The Warwick Vets Hurricanes held off a late Wizards rally and held on to a 5-3 victory in the Injury Fund game.

     After leaving six runners left on base over the first five innings and falling behind 5-0  in the top half of the sixth inning, the Wizards scored three runs on two hits, one walk, and one hit batsman to cut the Hurricane lead to 5-3.

     After Garret DeBlois reached on a fielder's choice with two out, Chris Morrison (hit by a pitch), and Max Motroni (infield hit) followed loading the bases for Jeff Sampaio.  On a 0-2 count, Sampaio blasted a hit into the right center game for a three run triple. 

     In the bottom of the seventh, the Wizards' first three batters reached to load the bases (Sam Williamson - walk, Rich Lizotte - single, and Charley Parent - walk) with no out.  Hurricane reliever, Josh Clift, however regained his composure and got the next three hitters on a strikeout, fly out, and groundout to end the game.  Clift received a huge play from left fielder Brendon Leahy.  Sophomore Garret DeBlois took a 1-1 pitch and pulled what seemed to be, at first, a game winning hit which looked headed toward the scoreboard in left field.  The hit, however, got caught up in the wind.  Leahy, then, made an outstanding catch, preventing the Wizards from a come from behind victory.

      The Wizards received a fine effort on the hill from their pitchers.  Freshman Ryan Lawton, who worked the first three innings, allowed three earned runs on three hits while striking out four.  Senior Zane Legault pitched two innings of scoreless and hitless innings in middle relief.  Tim Parente, who was aided by a double play (Williamson-Lizotte-Giarusso), pitched a scoreless seventh.

     Offensively, the Wizards, who outhit the Hurricanes 8 to 5, could not get a timely hit (10 runners left on base).  Leading the Wizards were Jeff Sampaio (2 for 3, one triple, 3 r.b.i.'s), Dillon Coffua (2 for3, one stolen base), Sam Williamson (2 walks), Rich Lizotte (1 for 4), Charley Parent (1 for 3), Chris Morrison (1 for 3, one run scored), and Max Motroni (infield hit and one run scored). 

Wizard Notes:  The Wizards gained valuable playing experience.  The Wizards played 20 players, 19 of which saw time in the field and 13 of which had at least one at bat.  On Wednesday, the Wizards (1-0 in league play) travel to Narragansett to take on the Mariners in their first divisional game of the year (I-South). 

Batting Line Up:

Consist of 10 Batters - 9 players in the field & 1 EH (Minimum) or 11 Batters - 9 players in the field & 2 EH's.  Note:  Managers will have the option to switch an EH with a position player.  The batting order, however, MUST remain the same!

 If a team has 10 or more players attending a game, they must bat 10 players.

If a team has 11 or more players attending a game, they have the option to bat 10 or 11 batters.

Offense/Defense Split:

Players who are designated to "split" the game must alternate per inning and per at bat

Example: Player A would play the odd innings (1,3,5,7) & Player B would play the even innings (2, 4, 6).

Example: Player A would bat the 1st time up, Player B would bat the 2nd time up, Player A would bat the 3rd time up, ect.

Pitching: Pitchers can pitch up to 7 innings per week during the regular season (Sunday-Saturday).

Note: During the playoffs, pitching will be determined by tournament rules.

Health & Safety of Players:

Baserunners can not slide out of the baseline to take out fielders.

If a pitcher hits 2 batters in the same inning, he will receive a warning. On the next hit batsmen of the inning, he must leave the game as a pitcher. If a pitcher hits 2 batters in the same inning, he will receive a warning. If he hits 2 batters in another inning, he must leave the game as a pitcher.

16 year olds can not pitch in the league.

Regular Season - Limitations:

During the regular season, there will be a two hour limit during the week weekends! and a two and half hour limit on the weekends!

If you start an inning, you must complete an inning.

If there is less than ten minutes remaining & the home team has completed their at bat, the game will be called.

If both managers agree to call a game prior to the two hour limit, the game can be called.

If both managers want to continue the game with more than ten minutes remaining, they must complete the full inning unless the home team is ahead after the away team has completed their at bat in the top half of the inning.

If a game is tied (at the time limit and/or after 7 innings), the teams will play one additional "speed up" inning.  If the game is tied after that inning, the game will be officially counted as a tie game. 

Note:  A "speed up" inning consists of batters starting with a 1-1 count. 


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